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Marking and cutting dovetails has been a tedious process for thousands of years!  The culprit is the transfer from tail board to pin board, or vice versa.  Watch Myko use TailSpin  callibrated collinear marking tools to lay out a set of dovetails…WITH NO TRANSFER.

**Please note: The demo video was shot using pre-production prototypes. Metal tools are not available for purchase.**

Mark Pins & Tails At Once With TailSpin Tools

The “Transfer Problem” has been solved

If you cut dovetails, you know the transfer is where failures happen.  There are thousands of expert opinions, tips, jigs, and videos on the topic.  Like the weather, the chatter is how to live with or work around it, never what to do about it.

That changes for you today. Get TailSpin to mark your boards accurately the first time, at the same time, every time.

 Learn more about collinear marking here.